YB Ventures’ Core Company Celebrates 37 Years of Excellence

YB Ventures' core company celebrates 37 years of excellence with new products launch

Bursa Malaysia Main Market-listed tiles manufacturer YB Ventures Berhad (“YBV” or “Group”) is proud to announce the 37th anniversary of its esteemed subsidiary, Yi-Lai Industry Berhad (“Yi-Lai Industry”). This momentous occasion was celebrated with launching new and innovative tile products under the Alpha Tiles and Talos Living Tiles brands by its marketing arm Yi-Lai Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Yi-Lai Industry, a leader in the tile industry, continues to uphold its reputation for quality and innovation. Over the past 37 years, the Alpha brand has evolved from a local tile manufacturer to a pioneer in the market, known for its diverse range of small-sized ceramic tiles and homogenous tiles.

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The new product line, known as the Infinity Collection, combines the strengths of Alpha Tiles and Talos Living Tiles to create infinite design possibilities for customers. This collection includes tiles with 3D technology, available in sizes 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, and 120×120 cm.

The new tiles are crafted using a revolutionary material called Shape Ink, which enhances the tile surface with ink and glaze. This innovation saves time and eliminates the need to change molds, streamlining the production process. “We are proud to incorporate this cutting-edge technology, which allows us to offer superior quality and variety to our customers,” Dato’ Sri Tajudin said.

The new tile series addresses common challenges faced by consumers, such as matching tiles in different areas with varying sizes and surfaces. The Infinity Collection offers a variety of surfaces and sizes, enabling easy coordination and reducing decision fatigue. This flexibility makes the collection ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Datuk Au Yee Boon, Executive Director of YB Ventures Berhad, said, “The new products are designed for tech-savvy, daring, and art-oriented buyers who appreciate unique and innovative items. “Our comprehensive range, complete with multiple sizes and stock availability, sets us apart from competitors.” Special promotions will be offered exclusively to dealers during the launch period.

The new tiles’ innovative production process ensures high quality and durability, contributing to longer-lasting installations and reduced replacement needs.

The launch of the Infinity Collection marks a significant milestone for Alpha Tiles, positioning the brand to the upper-middle market. Talos Living Tiles continues to expand its high-end offerings, catering to discerning customers seeking premium products.

Yi-Lai Industry has already secured interest from significant projects, including the Sheraton Hotel in Johor Bahru. “This is just the beginning of our journey with these new products, and we are excited about the potential collaborations and market expansion,” stated Datuk Au Yee Boon.

Yi-Lai Industry has a storied history of excellence. The company was among the first in Malaysia to produce Slate Effect Homogeneous Tiles and achieved a significant technology breakthrough with the Rustico Embossed Slate Effect Tile (“RESET”) in 1996. The company has been recognised for its contributions to major residential and commercial projects, including award-winning developments in Subang Jaya and several key public facilities in Malaysia.

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