DoctorOnCall Launches Covid-19 CARE Assist programme

Covid-19 CARE Assist & Employer Tracking Programme launched by DoctorOnCall.

DoctorOnCall, Malaysia’s first and largest digital health platform today announced the launch of the DoctorOnCall Covid-19 CARE Assist programme for all purchasers of the Rapid Antigen (RTK-Ag) Self-Test kits. This benefit is available to ALL purchasers starting 15 August onwards. The Self-Test Kits can be obtained from DoctorOnCall’s website via the online pharmacy services.

With the programme, each purchase of RTK-Ag Self-test kits from DoctorOnCall platform or its future partner outlets will come with the DoctorOnCall CARE Assist card. DoctorOnCall platform currently carries Gmate, Salixium, ALLTEST and NewGene Rapid Antigen (RTK-Ag) Self-Test kits.

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The DoctorOnCall Covid-19 Care Assist Card will allow the purchasers to do a seamless reporting of test results for personal tracking and soon to be linked to MySejahtera for reporting and test tracing. The COVID-19 CARE Assist programme also comes with Corporate programme where the employees are able to report their self-testing to their respective employers for better tracking and monitoring. Email [email protected] to know more about this programme. This Corporate Program is also available for Caring Corporate Customers in partnership with DoctorOnCall.

Hazwan Najib, DoctorOnCall’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder said, “The most difficult part about COVID-19 testing is when the result turns out ‘POSITIVE’. Majority of people would get into panic mode and are clueless on what to do next. So, we design COVID-19 CARE assist to provide utmost support to our customers should they test POSITIVE. Our COVID-19 Hotline team (03-84082000) would be able to help you on your immediate next steps, patching you to our Doctors between 8am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week including Public Holidays, ALL included as part of COVID-19 CARE Assist programme. We are also giving steep discounts for those who tested ‘POSITIVE’ should they require rt-PCR testing and COVID-19 Home Monitoring Kits package (i.e. Oximeters etc).”

Even if you are tested NEGATIVE, you have the whole range of various other benefits as a CARE Assist Card member. This membership is provided at no additional cost to customers who purchased valid COVID-19 Rapid-Ag Self Test Kits from DoctorOnCall Platform or its partner channel.

With the few approved available brands in the market, it boils down to the individual preference, as there is no significant difference between the test kits and their accuracy levels. As the tests carry approximately 91% accuracy rate, you are able to make decisions and any preparation pertaining to your condition quickly. Via DoctorOnCall Telehealth facility, you will also be able to book Covid-19 PCR tests either by reserving a slot at the nearest clinic/hospital, drive through facilities or booking a home-test by a specialised team.

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