Etex Malaysia Donates Winnings To Pertiwi

Etex Malaysia Employees Donate RM 25,000 winnings to Pertiwi to help those in need.

Etex Group, a building materials manufacturer kick started the Etex Challenge to contribute to the society driven through the company’s purpose of “Inspiring Ways of Living”, made possible by putting its own employees first and ensuring their well-being. The Etex challenge tracked employees’ daily active periods to win the grand cash prize to be donated to a local charity of choosing.

A virtual cheque giving ceremony was held on August 26 with the online presence of Pertiwi President, Datuk Munirah Abdul Hamid and Etex Malaysia Director, Eric Yap to officiate the donation of RM25,090 to Pertiwi.

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The effort encouraged Etex’s 11,000 employee workforce to remain active whilst working together as a team to bring about a positive change. This global initiative serves to remind all employees to work towards an attainable goal with every active step and effort towards a meaningful purpose.

Pertiwi, a non-governmental organization involved in charitable projects dedicated towards addressing the welfare needs of women, children, hard-core poor and homeless people, was selected as the lockdown restriction and severity of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia have limited the reach to vulnerable communities.

“Through this challenge, the Etex family demonstrated their commitment to our purpose, ‘Inspiring of Living’, to further motivate themselves to win the challenge and contribute back to society,” said Etex Malaysia Director, Eric Yap.

Etex incorporates “connect & care” values in daily tasks to strengthen working relationships and to continuously motivate as seen in daily commitments to remain active while staying connected globally by sharing active time statistics and exercising initiatives through the Oopla App and internal channels.