German-Dutch Oryx Stainless Signs With SIRIM QAS International

German-Dutch Oryx Stainless signs framework agreement with SIRIM QAS International, enabling Malaysia to realize major climate protection goals.

One of Western Europe’s and the world’s leading suppliers of stainless steel raw materials from recycling Oryx Stainless Group has signed a framework agreement with Malaysia’s principal testing, inspection, and certification body SIRIM QAS International to ensure the imports of stainless steel scrap fully comply with the country’s green agenda.

A key enabler of a sustainable tomorrow, stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material and a shining example of the circular economy, where raw materials can be used repeatedly without any downcycling. Its main benefits include the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of production-related emissions.

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One tonne of recycled stainless steel saves more than 4.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is equivalent to the emissions of a 23,000-kilometre car ride, according to a study by the German Fraunhofer Institute.

Annually, Oryx Stainless Group delivers more than 500,000 metric tonnes of high-quality stainless steel blends to global premium stainless steel smelters, saving CO2 well above two million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. In 2021, Oryx Stainless Group saved about 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 with its supplies of recycled raw materials.

As part of its pledge to improve environmental protection, the Malaysian government decreed in 2022 tighter controls on to the import of any scrap materials into the country. Although stainless steel is one of the cleanest of all imported materials, the new import legislation requires thorough inspection of every shipment into the country and SIRIM QAS International was appointed to oversee scrap imports nationwide.

The agreements signed yesterday assure both the government’s mandate to keep harmful substances out of Malaysia and expedite the speedy and professional inspection of Oryx Stainless’ frequent shipments of clean, recyclable stainless steel scrap into Malaysia. SIRIM QAS International inspectors will work side-byside with Oryx Stainless to ensure every import shipment is in compliance with the guidelines.

“Today’s agreement signing evidences the trust, and understanding developed over many years with SIRIM QAS International, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and all government departments we have met. We never take our circular business model for granted but operating accountably, transparently, and reliably to the same standards all over the world, we are confident to win over even the greatest sceptics at some point in time. Our company serves in the most sustainable ways to produce high-quality raw materials through recycling. Every country and economy can benefit from our knowledge and services. Malaysia, let us be your long-term partner in our joint, green success story!” said Oryx Stainless Group Chief Financial Officer Roland Mauss.

Held at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Shah Alam, the signing ceremony was witnessed by representatives from SIRIM QAS International, MIDA and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

The Malaysian government’s primary ambition is the environmental protection of its citizens and the environment. As a notable secondary effect, the Oryx Stainless facility in Johor Bahru, the company’s second subsidiary in Asia after Thailand, will showcase an operation sustaining the product flow of a stainless steel circular economy with furnace input rates of up to 90%.

Malaysia has a strong stainless steel manufacturing sector but no stainless steel smelter. Thus, the 1,000 plus manufacturers of stainless steel products generate valuable scrap with no further use inside the country. Scrap is part of the production processes making items as diverse as cutlery, the kitchen sink where they are washed, tanks to store food or medicines or heat exchangers breaking up crude oil into downstream products such as RON 97 car fuel.

Committed to a more sustainable future, Malaysia has strategically formulated policies and initiatives to spur the growth of green technologies. The agreements reached mark another occasion where MIDA secured foreign investment into Malaysia whilst simultaneously contributing to the country’s green agenda.

It is worth noting that Oryx Malaysia will export 100% of materials sourced overseas and domestically, predominantly to stainless steel smelters in Asia Pacific including South Korea, China, Japan and India where major stainless steel producers have their outlets.

Headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany and Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Oryx Stainless Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials used in the production of high-quality stainless steels. The company globally sources stainless steel scrap and customises imported and domestic, secondary materials to secondary raw material blends for large international stainless steel makers.