MTA & MITBA Forum To Foster Stronger Takaful Industry Relationships

Bridging the Gap Forum serves as the platform for the General Takaful Operators(GTOs) and brokers to foster stronger business relationships and share their insights regarding the Takaful industry landscape, challenges, and expectations.

To bridge the gap between General Takaful Operators (GTOs) and brokers, the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) and Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA) are proudly organizing the Bridging the Gap – Takaful Industry and Broker’s Forum.

This forum marks a significant milestone in strengthening business relationships within the Takaful industry by convening eminent industry speakers, top CEOs, and other business leaders to foster innovation and collaboration in the dynamic world of Takaful.

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Besides, the Bridging the Gap Forum is specially designed to provide a dynamic platform for the GTOs and brokers to engage and share insights on the business landscape, challenges, and expectations of the ever-evolving Takaful sector. The forum also serves as a vital hub where key stakeholders can collaborate, discuss emerging trends, and address industry challenges while exploring opportunities for mutual growth.

Furthermore, all participants will have the opportunity to share their industry insights, experiences, and expertise, contributing to a deeper understanding of the Takaful landscape. Plus, the participants can explore potential business opportunities, partnerships, and initiatives that can drive mutual growth and benefit the Takaful industry as a whole.

Encik Mohd Radzuan Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTA, expressed, “This forum represents a significant step toward enhancing collaboration within the Takaful industry. We believe that by bringing together General Takaful Operators and brokers, we can collectively overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and drive the Takaful industry forward collaboratively and innovatively.”

Prof. Dato Shazme Sulaiman, CEO of MITBA, emphasized the significance of the Bridging the Gap Forum, stating, “This collaboration reflects our commitment to foster a resilient Takaful industry. By uniting the expertise of brokers and General Takaful Operators, we aim to drive innovation, address industry challenges, and unlock the full potential of the Takaful sector. We believe that this forum will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Takaful in Malaysia and beyond.”

The organization of this forum aligns with the objective of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for Takaful and insurance to contribute 5.0% increase in the Malaysian GDP, as outlined in the Financial Sector Blueprint (2022-2026). For more information about the program from MTA, please visit the social media and website of the Malaysian Takaful Association at Additionally, you can log into for more information on Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA).