SME Bank Drives MSME Growth In Advancing ‘Ekonomi MADANI’

Fulfilling Mandates and Economic Empowerment for a Thriving Nation

SME Bank Malaysia continues to be a catalyst for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) growth, in tandem with the government’s vision of realising the MADANI Economy agenda and propelling Malaysia into the top 30 largest economies within the next decade.

The Minister of Finance II, in a recent engagement session with government entities, emphasised that government-owned companies, particularly Government-Linked Investment Companies (GLIC) and Government-Linked Companies (GLC), serve not only as instruments for commercial and investment objectives but also as agents of social responsibility. With a mandate to support the country’s economic growth and empower its citizens, these entities are integral to building a better Malaysia together. SME Bank, grounded in the principles of Sustainability, Care & Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Prosperity & Trust, remains committed to ethical practices as it works towards progress, institutional reform, and societal harmony, with a steadfast focus on empowering MSMEs to drive economic prosperity.

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Aligning with this objective, Datuk Wira (Dr.) Aria Putera Ismail, Group President/Chief Executive Officer of SME Bank Malaysia, reiterated the bank’s mission, emphasising, “Our goal is to empower MSMEs and drive economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable. To date, we have supported over 23,880 MSMEs, providing them with financial assistance exceeding RM47 billion. We’ll continue to fulfill our mandated role in developing and propelling MSME growth and raise both the ceiling and floor of dedicated initiatives in contributing to the realisation of ‘Ekonomi MADANI’.”

At its core, SME Bank employs an effective governance operating model through strategic leadership and raising the ceiling of its risk management framework, ensuring a secure environment and optimal financing and capacity-building support for MSMEs to flourish and expand. Upholding stringent compliance standards, SME Bank fosters transparency and accountability, bolstering confidence among MSMEs in the integrity of the financial system. This commitment was underscored by the prestigious recognition of the ‘Anugerah Integriti, Governans dan Anti Rasuah (AIGA 2022) award and its MS ISO 37001:2016 ABMS certification.

In the spirit of Building a Better Malaysia Together, collective efforts and collaboration serve as the cornerstone of our nation’s progress. Through robust collaboration, various innovative programs have been developed, in raising the floor for uplifting the Bumiputera economic mandate. SME Bank has spearheaded transformative initiatives to broaden access for Bumiputera MSMEs to financial resources and global opportunities. This includes facilitating beyond-borders endeavors such as the acclaimed business-matching program, SME Bank XCESS, the Business Exports Programme (BEP), and the Vendor Capacity & Capability Development Programme (PPKV). These efforts empower MSMEs to engage in global markets, fostering economic prosperity and bolstering Malaysia’s competitiveness on the international stage.

Closer to home, SME Bank has spearheaded impactful community programmes such as iTEKAD Ishraf and iTEKAD Penjana Komuniti, aimed at empowering underprivileged entrepreneurs and fostering sustainable community development with an allocation of RM 11.3 million, in line with its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR), it has served as a training hub for growing entrepreneurs offering personalised support and guidance to more than 80,000 programme participants to navigate their entrepreneurial journey since its establishment in 2013.

“With a commitment to inclusivity, SME Bank Malaysia offers tailored entrepreneur development programs and support services to both served and underserved MSMEs. Operating with a proactive and reactive mandate, SME Bank remains agile in addressing the evolving needs of MSMEs at different stages of their business, ensuring that its initiatives remain responsive and impactful”, added Datuk Wira Aria.

SME Bank wholeheartedly backs the initiatives and framework set forth by the Ministry of Finance. The unwavering commitment of SME Bank to the interests of MSMEs exemplifies its dedication to constructing a robust and inclusive economy. Through the advocacy of ethical standards and the facilitation of MSME growth and development, SME Bank Malaysia actively seeks collaboration and partnerships to further drive the advancement of ‘Ekonomi MADANI’ and propel Malaysia toward a future characterised by prosperity and shared success. Find out more about SME Bank’s programs and initiatives at, SME Bank Facebook or call SME Bank’s Contact Centre at 603-26037700.